Teaching activity at EEH

Teaching activity at EEH

EEH PhD students will have to carry out the training activity for a total of 150 hours. Every year the teaching staff will offer a multi-disciplinary teaching activity through frontal courses and/or laboratories, among which the doctoral students will choose their own path in agreement with their  tutor.

50 hours of basic multi-disciplinary lectures on all the general topics afforded at EEH will be given during the first year, by the EEH teaching staff; these lectures are aimed to build a common “lexicum” among PHD students that may have different background formation.

50 hours of advanced lectures on specialist topics concerning one of the  three EEH research areas, will be given during the second year by the EEH teaching staff.

50 hours of lectures and seminars will have to be acquired by EEH students through the participation in seminars and training courses also at research centers and other universities, Italian or foreign.

The PhD students must follow at al least 80% of the first and second year lectures. They may follow the lectures of the third year elsewhere, upon agreement of their tutors.

During the three years, the PhD students must attend at least two national or international conference meetings as co-authors of oral presentations or posters; at least in one case, they will have to be first author. At the completion of the third year, to be published or submission to print of at least one paper on an ISI magazine is required, unless exceptional specific exemptions is provided by one of the member of the Board of Professors.

A minimum of 90 days abroad, even non-consecutive, is strictly foreseen for every PhD student at EEH.